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Mysterious death of gay mayoral candidate

Marco W. McMillian's body was found outside of town, about 15 minutes away from Clarksdale, Mississippi. A tragic loss as McMillian was known to be a model citizen with a bright future, possibly in politics, but no doubt in any field he chose to pursue.

So far, no motive or suspect has been disclosed Black Lace Dresses but there was is a young male that is considered a person of interest. His name has not been released.

Marco's mother, Patricia McMillian said that her son did not reveal his sexual orientation to anyone other than family and believes that whatever happened to her son was not motivated based on his sexuality.

McMillian has recieved multiple awards for achievement, including the Turgood Marshall Prestige Award and was recently recognized by Ebony magazine as one of the nation's top young leaders.

Marco, a man of education, graduated from the WEB DuBois Honors College ad Jackson State University. He later served at his alma mater, JSU as well as Alabama A&M University and most recently as the CEO of a consulting firm for nonprofit organizations.

Catholic students demonstrate for gay rights

Students from the University of Portland occupied the lawns around the campus holding signs and covering their mouths with tape. Demonstrators are protesting the idea that the university is operating a "don't ask, don't tell" style policy when dealing with student rights. !- read more

The hard choice for Brigham Young University's gay student population

It may seem a little queer for gay students to enroll into BYU, but as the Daily Herald found out, the choice isn't always easy. A questionnaire that targeted the small gay population of BYU, came back with a wide array of complexities and stories. There was no single answer. !- read more

Youtube helps answer some hard hitting questions

Isn't it crazy how small the world feels? Maybe you don't notice it, it could be a generational thing, but I certainly see the change in my life. Instant communication to people on the other side of the globe. !- read more

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PQSU is a small grassroots organization that looks to help promote the acceptance of LGBT students at colleges through awareness and information.

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We are not the Purdue LGBTQ Student Alliance (which is a great organization that promotes the LGBT community of Purdue University), but we are a proud supporter. Their website is now located at
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